About Cantek


Mechanical Engineer Can Hakan Karaca started his business life in 1991, which followed by the start of Cantek Group’s journey in 1996.

Since the establishment, Cantek Group has been offering innovative services in refrigeration systems. Cantek with Turkey’s largest enclosed space in its sector; They are a technology and engineering innovation company with a facility that is active in research development and manufacturing with a team that works in harmony.

Cantek Group, which has become one of the leading companies of the Turkish cooling industry, produces cooling devices, doors, shelves, LED lighting systems, cold storage cabinets and panels for cold storages. Cantek Group, which prepares all the equipment for cold storage in its own production facilities and offers it to its customers, and additionally manufactures all the equipment for the slaughterhouse facilities and all the cold storage needs of a slaughterhouse.

They offer products and services in the international arena with its wide service network and experienced staff. Not only do they follow up-to-date technology with their expert engineers and technical team; break new grounds in many fields worldwide with its effective R&D studies. In the engineering tradition, Cantek offers superior designs by using durability and functionality and aesthetic and environmentally compatible elements in the products it produces. Cantek Group; has made significant contribution to the global cooling industry with the “Refrigeration Machine Intelligent Control System” Octosence “IRS-Intelligent Refrigeration System”.

They have made a revolution in the cooling industry control system, provides energy savings of up to 72% in cold storages which was presented with the slogan “Use Your Energy Wisely”.

Cantek Group to draw attention to the importance of energy saving in cooling machines; has supported successful athletes and scientists around the world who make the best use of their energy.

Cantek; It is a pioneering company contributing to the development of the cooling industry for 30 years.

Cantek produces innovative solutions in the field of healthy preservation of foods with its corporate structure, expert team and extensive knowledge in the sector. Cantek attaches importance to R & D studies in order to preserve the food under the conditions closest to nature and extend its life; It provides contracting services for “Turnkey” cold storage and slaughterhouse facilities covering all stages of project design, production, assembly and service. Cantek delivers its products to a wide geography through its partners in the country and dealers abroad. Cantek, leaving its 25th year behind in its sector, successfully represents Turkish engineering and technology in the global cooling market as a solution partner to all investors in need of cold storage in more than 45 countries. Cantek has transferred over 30 years of engineering experience to the meat processing industry, transforming meat processing areas into art. CANTEK started project design services for turnkey slaughterhouses and red meat processing facilities in 2006 with its experience in contracting works. Since 2012, thanks to the experience gained from the group's research and development activities, it has focused on the production of slaughterhouse equipment and has undertaken manufacturing and contracting services. Thanks to the superior theology presented in Turkey in slaughterhouses and meat processing industry successfully replaced the Cantek Reader Meat, especially the name all over the world, especially in Muslim countries geography because of its expertise in halal slaughter has increased its brand value by announcing. All kinds of metal processing and Cantek Meat Tech team with the crowning of the meat processing plant of experience in mold design, bringing in his successful turnkey slaughterhouse facilities with limits beyond the borders of Turkey established businesses abroad.