‘Use your energy wisely’ is Cantek Group’s motto since the establishment in order to the importance of energy saving in cooling technologies. With this ideal they emphasized to the importance by supporting successful athletes and scientists around the world who make the best use of their energy.

Use Your Energy Wisely

Cantek initially sponsored the world famous Turkish “Snow leopard”, mountaineer Nasuh Mahruki and one of Turkey’s most experienced mountaineers Yilmaz Sevgul. These two legendary mountaineers completed their expedition on May 23, 2010, at 8:30 am by placing the Turkish and Cantek flags with the “use your energy wisely” slogan on the summit of Mount Everest.

While two athletes were at the summit of Everest, Cantek Foundation was also taking Yasemin Dalkılıç to the depths of the ocean. Dalkılıç is the holder of 9 World Free Diving records.

They have published the story of this dive and climb as a book. The underwater documentary, which was named Yasemin Dalkılıç’s incredible dives, was completed in six episodes and broadcast on the NTV news channel.

Can Hakan Karaca, founder of the Cantek Group; "We went on a journey with our world-class athletes who use their energy wisely and we will continue to support them on their paths. Just like our athletes who push their limits at the highest level in their fields, we, as Cantek, are pushing the boundaries in the cooling sector and creating new peaks every day.”

All campaigns are emphasized on consumption. However, it is our world that is consumed up and exhausted.

The best gift we can leave to future generations should be a more livable world.

This is the reason for our sensitivity to use energy wisely. As dear Yasemin Dalkılıç said, “The greatest danger our planet faces is, believing that someone else will save it.”

Yasemin Dalkılıç
Nasuh Mahruki