"Cantek Science Culture and Education Foundation was established to operate in three areas."

Cantek Science Culture and Education Foundation  

Cantek Group dedicates the knowledge they have gained over 30 years to benefit humanity with their institution, the Science, Culture and Education Foundation. With this focus we created a documentary of the most traded and our main food sources (Apple, pear, banana, mango, grape, citrus group, onion, potato, bakery products, red meat, chicken and fish) under the name of “Storage is the Key/ Production Is Not Enough”. Where they take us through the journey of the food, we consume daily. They established the social responsibility project with the valuable support of academics specialized in their field from Turkey and several other countries. 

In order to create the most effect, there was an expert film crew who went to various locations, to capture contents and interviews. And they are getting ready to showcase them to all. 

They devote the foundation to informing the stakeholders of food sector all the challenges that occur at the journey between production to consumption, by presenting the best examples. 

The aim of the foundation; taking to account UN reporting that “the world with a population of 7.4 billion today will exceed 12 billion in 2050 “, it is noteworthy that we need to produce more than what we produce to meet the needs and feed the world population and aims to create awareness and thus prevent losses.